Wolves on the Trail
Robert Bateman

Wolves on the Trail
a Limited Edition Print
by Robert Bateman

As the day ends, the wolf pack is out looking for food. Rabbits and mice are quite easy but do not go far. The big goal would be a moose. This is moose country - thick boreal forest, swamps, lakes and beaver ponds. The pack has found a moose trail -and has followed it to the edge of a large beaver pond. They have paused to look and listen before moving away from the cover of the trees. Just because they have found the trail does not mean they will get the moose. The trail tray be old and simply serving as an easy way through the snow. If the trail is made by a mature, healthy moose, it is unlikely they will catch him. If they do catch up to a moose and it turns to fight; the wolves will likely give up without a try. One blow from a cloven hoof would maim or kill a wolf. Of seven attacks on a moose, only one is likely to succeed.

Wolves live in complex social groups and teach their young the strategies needed for survival. They even pass on a culture from generation to generation. In the boreal forest, the wolf packs are moose hunting culture, whereas in mixed forest they are deer hunting culture.

I have tried to show this pack as a group of individuals. Each has its own personality. There is even quite a range of physical appearances as in human society. -Robert Bateman

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