New Territory - Black Wolf
Robert Bateman

New Territory - Black Wolf by Robert Bateman

New Territory - Black Wolf
a Limited Edition Artist Proof
by Robert Bateman

1500 signed/numbered  150 Artists Proofs
Image Size: 21-3/8" x 32"

I was looking for a sense of peace, of space. The pack has come out of the forest (a place of safety) to cross the open area to seek new territory for hunting or for habitat. You, the viewer, are part of the pack looking ahead to the lead wolf.

This painting is as much about the trail in the snow as it is about the wolf. The way that the broken snow- trail glows was something that I was very intrigued with and wanted to paint. When light hits the surface of the snow, it travels to the trail made by the wolf and appears to glow from the inside.

I enjoyed playing with the simple elements of the composition and the use of emptiness, which is far more meaningful than nothingness. It is connected to Zen and the peaceful openness to infinite possibilities.

I wonder what's ahead for all of us and I think that animals anticipate more than wonder about the changes on the horizon. We can only imagine what this lead wolf knows, but be sure that his instincts are vital to his survival- something man has forgotten. -Robert Bateman

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