Arctic Evening - White Wolf
Robert Bateman

 Arctic Evening - White Wolf
canus lupus
Limited Edition Print

by Robert Bateman

The whole of North America used to be the domain of the wolf. He was the prime predator next to primitive man. The wolf is very clever and adaptable to virtually every habitat. However, man does not appreciate competition in his domain. Thus, the wolf has been eliminated from all areas where man lives. Only the most remote and inaccessible places still have viable wolf populations.

The Arctic is such an area, but because of its low biotic production, there are very few wolves per square mile. Because wolf populations are very closely tied to their food supply, there simply is not enough prey to support more. Too many people think of wolves as "macho," menacing creatures. As a matter of fact, they are closer to humans in their social structure than most wild animals. This is possibly the reason why dogs fit into human families so well. For this reason I have shown a female wolf in the warm evening light. She is standing on an esker, which is a high gravel ridge that was once the bed of a river in the ancient continental glacier. These eskers, which criss-cross the boggy Arctic tundra, form dry den areas-as well as good vantage points for the wolves. -Robert Bateman

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