William S Phillips
"Summer of '45 and All Creation Rejoiced"

William Phillips -  Summer of '45 and All Creation Rejoiced

Summer of '45 and All Creation Rejoiced
A Limited Edition Print
by William S Phillips

Print size 36" x 18 ¾"   Edition size:1750
Published in 1995

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It's the Fourth of July, 1945, in a small town somewhere in the U.S. The celebration is even more special this year. The war is over in Europe, and the country begins to focus all its efforts on bringing the war in the Pacific to a quick conclusion.

I really enjoyed following up If Only in My Dreams and A Christmas Leave, When Dreams Come True with this image. In addition to aircraft, I truly enjoy painting landscapes and incorporating into them some of the symbolism I use in my "pure" aviation work-for instance, contrasting the manmade fireworks (which had been represented, until recently, by bombs over Germany) with heaven's fireworks in the form of lightning.

Of course, what would one of my paintings be without a plane? I included a "Connie"-the Lockheed Constellation-which had been a troop transport . . . only this time, she is returning the boys home for good.  -William S Phillips

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