William S Phillips
" Phantoms and the Wizard"

Phantoms and the Wizard by William Phillips - Artist Proof

Phantoms and the Wizard
A Limited Edition Print
by William S Phillips
Image size 31¾" x 16"  Artist Proof

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Three F-4 Phantoms, tucked in tight, howl over wintry Wizard Island in Crater Lake, Oregon. Since this is a national park, this unit of the Air National Guard needed official permission for a low flight- at Bill Phillips' prodding.

"This painting takes place in my own backyard," says Bill, who lives in southern Oregon. "The colors are so extreme-pure white and deep blue-that my aerial photos seemed like black-and-whites. I skied in later for more controlled photos and to sketch the area I'd be painting." He also painted the formation flying lower than Crater Lake National Park would ever allow. "Don't try this," he warns. "Only an artist can do it, and only on canvas."

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