Robert Bateman
Thinking Like a Mountain

Robert Bateman print - Thinking Like a Mountain

 Thinking Like a Mountain
A Limited Edition Print
by artist Robert Bateman

30" x 9"   950 s/n

"This title is based on some words of Aldo Leopold, the early 20th century's Henry David Thoreau. He said that we should think like a mountain, with a sense of permanence and a long view. At the beginning of the 21st century, we are at a peak of human power, wealth and information. We need to look back at our wonderful natural and human heritage, and cherish and protect the abundant values to be found there. We need to look out to the sides and see other parts of the world that need our help and can provide good ideas to go forward. We need to look ahead to be certain that our actions of today will make the world a better and richer and more varied place for our grandchildren and their grandchildren." -Robert Bateman

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