Robert Bateman
Siberian Night - Tiger

Robert Bateman Tiger print - Siberian Night

 Siberian Night - Tiger
Limited Edition Artist Proof
by artist Robert Bateman
  Edition size: 198

Winter in Siberia has long nights. The dark, coniferous forests with their snowy burden hold many secrets. There are still some areas remote from human disturbance where the big cats can roam. Their huge, furry feet pad softly on the freshly fallen snow. It is surprising that such a large animal can move without any sound. Nor can its gorgeous coat be easily seen in the complexity of undergrowth and branches. A touch of moonlight skims across the snow. The Siberian Tiger pauses in the gloom, a secret not revealed.

May the secret be safe forever. Sadly, however, many men want to discover the Siberian Tiger and kill it and sell its body parts for shamefully high prices. And other men want to destroy the Siberian forests and sell the trees for shamefully low prices. That would be a darkness far blacker than the Siberian night. -Robert Bateman

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