Robert Bateman
Junco in Winter

Robert Bateman - Junco in Winter

 Junco in Winter
A Limited Edition Print
by artist Robert Bateman
13" x 6"   

When the winter winds blow and heavy snowflakes fall, times are tough for small birds. They are able to keep warm by fluffing their feathers to give themselves maximum air insulation, but because of their small body size and high metabolic rate, they need to eat frequently. I keep a bird feeder-largely for selfish reasons-as one of my great pleasures in life is looking at birds. I don't pretend that it is of overall help to bird populations (that is another and much larger question), but it does help particular individuals, with their little store of body fat, to see them through the harshness of winter. This is the dark-eyed junco. It used to be called the Oregon junco, with the eastern form called the slate-colored junco. The western race has the crisp, black head, chestnut back and pinkish sides. This little fellow was huddled on a twig of an old, gnarled Garry oak just outside my window. -Robert Bateman

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