Richard Bollinger
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People remember Chester County artist Richard Bollinger's paintings.

When a Bollinger original or reproduction hangs in your home or office, it's surprising how often people will look at it....and ask you about it.

Perhaps it's the dramatic color. Or the magnificent skill in composing a scene. Or perhaps it's his talent for taking you back in time. Richard Bollinger has an incredible gift for capturing the spirit of early America - in a way that also captures people's hearts and imaginations.

Kneeling quietly in tall grass, Bollinger observes intently. Light falling on old stone. Dappled shadows from trees. Changing clouds overhead. His eyes and sketchbook record it all. Every detail is important to the artist.

Later in the studio, his work begins. Soft lead scratches paper. Lines and shapes become a story of rural life long ago. Each element is uniquely Bollinger's. Masterful stonework. Majestic skies. Mirrored reflections. Compelling detail. All are Richard Bollinger trademarks. But there is more to his work....elements rarely seen in other painters. Hopefulness. Peace. Serenity. These are qualities Bollinger's special talent brings to every painting, and later to every print.

"Much of my work is bolder now than it was in the 70's and 80's when I began," according to Bollinger. "Now my palette includes far more than just color. I use light and shadows and water and emotion to help create an image that has far more dimension and meaning to people."

Few painters come close to the success Bollinger has Revival by Richard Bollingeralready experienced. His talent has catapulted his work past the boundaries of the Chester County tradition into national prominence. Today his work hangs in homes and galleries across America, and in some of the most prominent collections around the world. Since 1976, virtually every Bollinger art show has been a sellout. Richard Bollinger has issued - and sold out - over 90 limited edition reproductions of his work. Revival, pictured, is one of those. Some editions are sold out within weeks of their release.

In the past several years, new horizons have appeared in some of Richard Bollinger's work. In 1995 he released his first in a series of Penn State limited editions. The Lion's Main is an evening scene of Old Main, one of Penn State's most recognized landmarks. In 1997 he released the first paintings in an ongoing series of marine scenes from the Chesapeake Bay area. The first collections focused on Annapolis and were immensely popular. Since then, Bollinger has released Evening at St. Michaels, Chesapeake City, Nightfall at Fells Point and more, with Harbor Lights, an Annapolis evening scene, being his most recent limited edition.

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