Richard Bollinger
Ashbridge House

Ashbridge House
A Limited Edition Print
by artist Richard Bollinger

© 2002       31 3/4" x 17 7/8"

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CHESTER COUNTY, PENNSYLVANIA, 1831 - JohnTrimble sets out early. Guiding his heavy wagon, bursting with grain, toward the merchants waiting in Philadelphia, he is grateful for the warming rays of the morning sun. Crunching through frozen ruts and deep puddles, he approaches the great oak on the Ashbridge property. Pausing briefly to admire the rich early colors of day, he begins to recall the times when he made this journey with his grandfather, Nathan. Oh, the stories he had of that old tree and that old house! How he could spin the tales as they journeyed together on that well traveled path. It was a tradition that he loved. Little did he know that in just a few years that old road would become our nation's first toll highway... and that over a century later that old house would still be occupied and serve as a landmark for countless generations to come.

Today, that road is known as US Route 30 but, in fact, was the original route of the Lancaster Turnpike, commonly known today as the Pennsylvania Turnpike. The house still stands and is regarded as one of the oldest and continually occupied structures m Chester County. It has been named "Ashbridge House" for the family who called the property home for so many years. -Richard Bollinger

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