"Sometimes," Ellenshaw explains, "as I start a painting, it quickly takes on a life of its own. One doesn't often get the feeling of being outside of oneself when painting, but when it happens, it is a sublime feeling. It is as though I have an inner dialogue being carried on within myself over which I seem to have very little control. This may seem exaggerated, but for me, that's the way it works."

Peter Ellenshaw
Splendor of the Tetons

Splendor of the Tetons by Peter Ellenshaw

Splendor of the Tetons
by artist Peter Ellenshaw
Image size 32½" x 20¼"
1,500 s/n     $165

I had been in the Tetons for about a week. I was by this wonderful lake on a day when the weather was perfect. All at once, just ahead of me, a brilliant light came out from behind the clouds. It was quite an emotional feeling to see the sun suddenly burst from above and shine on the water, right in front of me. I tried to capture this moving moment as best I could in Splendor of the Tetons.

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