The Garden Within -
The Art of Peter Ellenshaw

Showcasing a splendid collection of 72 of the spectacular paintings of Peter Ellenshaw, this book traces the life, travels and remarkable 60-year career of this singular artist, from his early years in the film industry, where he won an Academy Award for his artistic efforts, to his celebrated career in fine art. The paintings of Peter Ellenshaw are infused with life. Elegant floral gardens beckon from the pastoral beauty of the British Isles and the splendor of Monet's Giverny. Embroidered with jewel-tones and woven with atmosphere, majestic views of Everest and the Tetons exhilarate. Shimmering with celestial beams of sunlight dancing over aquamarine waves, glowing seascapes inspire. Pulsating with midnight electricity and sparkling like gems, romantic cities enchant, With tributes from Diane Disney Miller, Leonard Maltin, Fess Parker and others, The Garden Within-The Art of Peter Ellenshaw is a visual treasure of magnificent art by "one of the painting masters of our age."

The Garden Within - The Art of Peter Ellenshaw 

The Garden Within - The Art of Peter Ellenshaw
winner of the 1997 Benjamin Franklin Award *
Hardbound Autographed books - in stock

12" x 9 ½"
124 pages   72 color plates


More information about this artist can be found in Peter Ellenshaw's biography
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*Named in honor of America's most cherished publisher/printer, the Benjamin Franklin Award recognizes excellence in independent publishing. Publications, grouped by genre are judged on editorial and design merit by top practitioners in each field. The trophies are awarded to the best books in several categories and are presented to the publishers during a gala awards ceremony on the last evening of Publishing University (just before the opening of Book Expo America).



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