From the movie "It's a Wonderful Life"
artist Paul Landry
brings us a special limited edition print

It's a Wonderful Lifes Bedford Falls as seen through the eyes of Paul Landry

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It's A Wonderful Christmas
a limited edition art print of Bedford Falls by
Paul Landry
Edition size: 1250   Image size 29" x 15"
We have one print left. It is print number
from the sold out edition of 1250. A few Artists Proofs are available
but are at a fairly steep premium.

It's Christmas Eve in Bedford Falls, and excitement fills the air. Everyone recalls memories, both happy and sad, at this time of year. At the same moment, we hope and believe in the future.

Bedford Falls is a town in an era that is filled with emotion. The bank stands tall and cold on the corner as its clock quickly ticks away. Star and bell-shaped lights brighten the street, and last- minute shoppers are glad that Gower's is still open. The train has arrived at the station, bringing families together. Just beyond it is the bridge . . . for those who might wish to leave. The theater too far away, the church steeple glows in the evening's light.

Soon it will be quiet, a time for reflection. In fact, it may be so quiet that you may be lulled away from your thoughts by the sweet sound of a bell softly ringing. Hear it? I hope it puts an angelic smile in your heart, too. -Paul Landry


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