John Weiss
New Friends

New Friends

New Friends
a Limited Edition Print
by John Weiss

 Image size: 14" x 14 3/8".
Edition Size: 1000   $275.00


This is the third in my "series" of images featuring my friend Grady and my dogs. The previous two prints, Old Friends and Forever Friends, depicted Grady and Brant, my Black Lab. In New Friends I wanted to give a final tribute to Grady, who passed away about five years ago, by showing the bond between him and Maggie, my yellow Lab who is Brant's daughter.

Grady and Brant were the old friends; now Maggie is his new friend. I thought the woods and snowfall made a pretty setting, and I wanted to get across the magical feel of being in a snowstorm. It's silent, yet powerful, and since I've been studying impressionist masters like Monet, I enjoyed working the impressionistic background against the tight detail of the animal and human subjects. -John Weiss

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