James C. Christensen


by artist James C Christensen

Image size: 22 ½" x 30"
Edition size: 2500

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I don't consider myself a superstitious person, but, knock wood, I've never had to deal with a lot of the problems these characters do. Their town is built over the ocean on crumbling pillars, so they can't afford to do anything to incur any kind of bad luck.

And, although our own houses may not be built on sand or stilts, life in the modern day age, in its own way, is nearly as precarious as the one I've pictured. They get rampant pestilence and we get power spikes which ruin our RAMs and ROMs.

Life is precarious. Who hasn't worried about walking under ladders or seeing that black cat cross our path? It was really fun to see to what extremes we will go, as a human family, to avoid bad luck. Best of luck, everyone! -James Christensen

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