James Christensen
The Royal Processional

The Royal Processional

The Royal Processional
by James C Christensen
Image size: 33" x 16 ¼"
Edition size: 1500  s/n

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This is not the May Day parade. This is not the Tournament of Roses Parade, and this is not the Coronation. No, this is The Royal Processional-just your regular, everyday entourage around the king and queen of the Faeries-going from point A to point B.

The king in the armor is Oberon, and the queen is Titania, They, as everyone knows, are the rulers of the Faeries. As you can see from the expressions of those in the entourage, some take it very seriously and others are just along for the ride.

There's a gnome on a Red War Squirrel. He personifies the personal bodyguard of Oberon. There is a Mouse Ghost Warrior doing his job. There's a young scholar lost in his book-maybe he's a wizard in training. There are various little faeries flitting.

The hunchback at the end is the one character making eye contact with the viewer. I've done that before. He's the one who sees past the reality inside the painting. He usually ends up looking like me. It's not exactly a self-portrait, but I think he's from the same family.

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