James Christensen
The Oath

The Oath

The Oath
by artist James C Christensen
Limited Edition Print   Image size: 16 ½"w x 22"h
Edition size: 2950 signed/numbered

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When people responded so well to "A Lawyer More Than Adequately Attired in Fine Print", which was based on my humorous observations of attorneys, the folks at the Workshop suggested I might examine the medical profession. I tackled this assignment from a historical perspective, starting with the Oath of Hippocrates, a pledge doctors have honored for pearly 2,400 years. As my research suggested, medicine, has taken strange and interesting directions that Hippocrates would never have imagined. Some archaic ideas and treatments have deservedly fallen by the wayside and would surely elidt a chuckle-or shudder-from modem physicians and their patients. On the other hand, some formerly abandoned treatments have been revived with surprising new applications. Leeches, for example, are no longer used to remedy bad humors or gout, yet there are physicians today who will use them to improve the circulation of burn victims. I'm also sure Hippocrates could never have foreseen what upholding the Oath means for doctors now; the omnipresent beeper, the mountains of paperwork, the overwhelming choices in pharmacopeia. It all makes me glad I'm on the other end of the stethoscope.

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