We are, each of us, angels with only one wing. And we can only
fly embracing each other. - LUCIANO DE CRESCENZO

James C. Christensen
Sleeper, Lost in Dreams

Sleeper, Lost in Dreams

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Sleeper, Lost in Dreams
by James C. Christensen
Image size: 8 1/8" x 11 3/8"
Edition size: 550  signed/numbered
issue price $135
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In dreams, it is said that wings represent a release of creative forces, that they give us the ability to understand and transend the human condition. In religion, wings appear on angels, faeries, spirits and demons. In mythology, winged creatures are often messengers of the gods; they are a symbol of freedom and spirituality and a character having one wing is said to be lost in dreams. This latest release from James C. Christensen has the power to both provoke and inspire.

A canvas edition of 150 copies has also been published, however it is sold out at the publisher level. The paper edition of 550 is also sold out at the publisher level as of 01/29/03.

To order, or if you have any other questions about this new release by James Christensen call us today at 610-363-5515. E mail us at info@swoyersart.com

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