James Christensen - Chesley Awards


Opulent. Colorful. Shakespearean. Fantastical. All words that aptly portray Christensen's most popular art works - works that have also been described as creations from " the land a little left of reality." His art includes wonderful people, places and things that exist somewhere between adult dreams and childhood memories.

Each year the Association of Science Fiction and Fantasy Artists bestows the Chesley Awards as a means for the Science Fiction and Fantasy art community to recognize individual works and achievements during the previous year. The 2002 17th Annual Best Cover Illustration: Magazine award for The Leading Edge #41, April 2001 and Best Product Illustration nominee for Faery Tales, a Greenwich Workshop fine art print were received by James C. Christensen. Ceremonies were held at Con Jose, The 60th World Science Fiction Convention this past September.

"I don't think of myself as a fantasy artist," said Christensen. "I certainly have an affinity for myths, fables and ancient lore, but I also find time to do landscapes and other subjects including commissions. Other recent projects, for example, include a mural commission for a conference center in Nauvoo, Illinois, and a poster for the 2001 Utah Shakespearean Festival. What 's truly important to me is that my art is introspective and in turn challenges the mind's eye of those who view it regardless of the subject matter."

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