James Christensen
Two Angels Discussing Botticelli


Two Angels Discussing Botticelli
by artist James C Christensen
Limited Edition Print   Image size: 16"w x 12"h
Edition size: 2950 signed/numbered

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This When I was on a museum trip a while back, I bought a book on Botticelli. As I kept looking at the book, I noticed the colors, the hand gestures, the big feet... all the details that are characteristic of Botticelli. So I thought, "Let's see how many Botticelli references I can work in naturally,"

The way the leaves of the greenery in the back are silhouetted is right out of Botticelli. The flowers on the bodice are from Botticelli. Even so, it's not a matter of how many Botticelli references can you find without looking them up. It's an homage. It is an appreciation. Actually, it's a portrait of two angels who respect Botticelli so much that they have fashioned themselves after his work. They're hot indulging in fashion trends; he's just their favorite and they love him.

I wanted to be very careful about keeping a reverence for these angels-not a religious, supematural reverence. These are honest, genuine angels, who are honestly, genuinely intrigued by, and admiring of, Botticelli.

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