The Art of James Christensen
A Journey of the Imagination
The Collector's Edition

 A funny Christensen character

A Book of Quality and Substance

"On the surface, this book is an introduction into the world of my painting and thinking; it's a chance to spend a little time with the artist, to share what's in my head. But it's not meant ultimately to be just an art book It is an introduction to the possibilities of art and to the possibilities of unlocking the inner imaginative you."
-James C. Christensen

  • As told to Renwick St. James
  • Introduction by James Gurney
  • A specially designed signature page
  • More than 450 line drawings from the artist's sketchbooks
  • More than 175 full-color works of art
  • 180 pages
  • 10"w x 10"h, slipcased  

 The Collector's Edition

When did you last discover something truly wonderful and new? Open this book and your mind to the infinite possibilities of a "land a little left of reality." It is the destination as real as your adult dreams and as beloved as your fondest childhood memories.. .strangely familiar, yet, still, not quite so. This specially bound and slipcased version of The Art of James Christensen: A Journey of the Imagination is accompanied by the limited edition print "Sometimes the Spirit Touches Us Through Our Weaknesses", an image selected specially for this edition, signed by the artist, and consecutively numbered. This special Collector's Edition book and print set commemorates the 1994 release of James Christensen's book and is available only through authorized Greenwich Workshop dealers.


THE PRINT: SOMETIMES THE SPIRIT TOUCHES US THROUGH OUR WEAKNESSES Image size: 9 "w x 12 "h Print size: 12 "w x 151/2 "h 3600 signed by the artist and consecutively numbered. Accompanied by brass nameplate.

  THE BOOK: A JOURNEY OF THE IMAGINATION: THE ART OF JAMES CHRISTENSEN As told to Renwick St. James Introduction by James Gurney 180 pages 10"wxl0"h 3600 signed by the artist

Collectors Edition - book and print set


thumbnail page two of James Christensen prints


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