Howard Terpning
Sunday Best


Sunday Best
A Limited Edition Print
by artist Howard Terpning
Edition size: 1250
Image size: 21"w x 27 ½"h

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Life was often harsh for Plains Indians, so they treasured those special ceremonial occasions when they could dress up in their best finery and put aside for a little while their hardships and troubles. The artist met this teenage girl at Blackfoot Crossing in 1977, when the tribe was reenacting the centennial of their treaty which brought them peace with the Canadian government. It was an ancient, hallowed Blackfeet camping ground, where eighty-three tepees had been erected in a circle, in the old way.

With her mother's permission, the artist photographed the girl, whom he found shy but compelling, her long black braids wrapped in otter fur, her still growing body a little lost in a traditional dress a bit too large tor her, obviously handed down from forebears whose life had been worlds removed from her own. 

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