Last Rays of the Sun

This warrior wears his shield on his back while his bow case and quiver cross his lap. The horizontal marks on his leggings represent the times he counted coup in battle. Sage hen feathers adorn his hair. The strap around the horse's neck features hawk feathers and the bridle comes fiom a white man's horse. -Howard Terpning

Last Rays of the Sun - Howard Terpning

Last Rays of the Sun
A Limited Edition Print
by artist Howard Terpning
Image size: 15" x 22"   Edition size:  950

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Far too soon, and then quite suddenly, the Plains Indian's world had come crashing down around him.The sacred spirit of Sun could not save the People now, and the Ghost Dance promise had proven hollow. The prairie sundown was fast approaching, and who could know what the new day would bring for the People?

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