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Seeing What the Heart Knows
The Art of Howard Terpning

Renowned Western artist Howard Terpning
subject of rare solo exhibition

The following article appeared in the Eiteljorg Museum Newsletter, First Quarter 2001. I am sure that the majority of those who attended this exhibit felt the presence of something extrordinarily special. Reprinted by permission from the Eiteljorg Museum. Thank you Eiteljorg!

Once in awhile, we mere mortals have the chance to meet a person who is destined to become a historical figure. If circumstances are ideal, we will meet him amidst his best work, surrounded by well-wishers and admirers.

That chance will come in April, when artist Howard Terpning, 73, and 32 hand- picked paintings come to the Eiteljorg Museum.

Ostensibly, Terpning will leave his Tucson, Arizona home to receive the Eiteljorg Museum Award for Excellence, which recognizes a lifetime of achievement by an artist. He will be only the third artist to receive this award, after Wilson Hurley (1991) and Kenneth Riley (1993).

At a deeper level, Terpning's visit is more for his admirers than for him. We want to pay homage to a man who has devoted his life to the accurate and beautiful portrayal of Native Americans and to near perfection in art.

Seeing What the Heart Knows: The Art of Howard Terpning is not a retrospective. It is an exhibition of 32 paintings, nearly all of which are held in private collections across the country, that the artist personally selected for display at the Eiteljorg Museum. The exhibition runs for only one month, April 21 through May 20. (2001)

Terpning and the Eiteljorg Museum also plan to unveil a new painting at the award ceremony on April 19. The painting will be acquired through the generous donations of the Western Art Society.

For nearly 30 years, Terpning has been revered for his meticulous attention to historic accuracy and for his expressive and sensitive portrayal of the Native people of the American West. His paintings fetch six-figure prices and have earned him the appellation "storyteller" among the Blackfeet.

Terpning leads the pack in the ideals and the traditions set forth by the Cowboy Artists of America. CAA artists dedicate themselves not only to a high standard of excellence, but to strict authenticity in their expression of the West. Among this elite group, Terpning reigns.

"The show of my work at the Eiteljorg Museum. will be a proud moment for my wife and me," Terpning wrote to the Eiteljorg in the fall of 2000. "We will have the opportunity to see many of my paintings - which are old friends that we haven't seen in years, and we will also have the pleasure of seeing so many of our wonderful friends whom we have grown to know and love."


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