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Chester County, Pennsylvania

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Chester County, Pennsylvania is as rich in history as its soil has been since the beginning of recorded time. One of the first counties established by William Penn, its name is actually derived from the town of Cheshire in England, hearkening to the early English settlements of the 17th century. William Penn spoke of the remarkable likeness to England and the nature of the beautiful countryside that offered so much promise for those seeking religious freedom and a way to build a new life.

Today, Chester County is probably best remembered for the battles that were fought here, and the famous troops and war leaders that have left their indelible marks on the war-scarred landscape. Though much history has preceded and followed, it is the images of George Washington and his troops coming over the hill that many who hold the area dear, consider a most important footnote in the written history of the area.

Chester County has long drawn on the beauty and charm of its natural setting, bringing visitors, homebuyers and businesses to the banks of the Brandywine River Valley. While there has been much development and growth, great pains have been taken to preserve many of the early historic landmarks and buildings, providing future generations with a sense of the history of early Chester County. Additionally, many residents and businesses have supported the preservation of "open space", in a continuing endeavor to ensure that Chester County will remain beautiful for years to come.

Chester County Artists

Chester County's remarkable beauty has come to inspire such celebrated Chester County artists as, Richard Bollinger, Peter Sculthorpe and Andrew Wyeth, winner of the 1963 Presidential Freedom Award and the first living American artist to be elected to Britain's Royal Academy. Chester County's quaint charm has long been captured through the eyes of these artists and has contributed to a unique verve and interpretation of the area, an area that will, no doubt, continue to be an inspiration.

Visiting Chester County

Chester County, PA is not only beautiful, it's exciting! From the American Helicopter Museum in West Chester, to Longwood Gardens in Kennett Square, Chester County has many unique attractions that lure people from around the globe. If you are curious to know just how your potato chips evolved from their days as a potato, you can visit the Herr's Snack Factory in Avondale, PA, or fly over the county's 760 square acres in a hot air balloon! Of course, if it's history you have in mind, there are many local attractions that provide an interesting flavor of Chester County's past. Just stop by the Chester County Tourism Building in Kennett Square for more information on the many interesting places to explore the early history of the county-and the nation!

Swoyer's Fine Art and Collectibles,
located in the heart of Chester County, features the works of Andrew Wyeth, Richard Bollinger, Peter Sculthorpe and many more artists, making it the perfect place to choose exceptional pieces of art for your home or office.

While you're visiting the area, we encourage you to spend time at some of the many local attractions in the area. Experience Chester County! and visit Swoyer's Fine Art and Collectibles!