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In the realm of nature, it's quite amazing to see how much the average house cat and a tiger roaming the jungle have in common. The instinctual hunting mechanisms that trigger the prowl of the Bengal tiger are interestingly similar to the mannerisms displayed while watching your cat discover an insect, or even a highly suspicious piece of string! Cat's watch. They wait. They pounce. Throughout time, the natural behavior of the cat in the wild has not only perpetuated its existence, but also given it supreme reign in the animal kingdom. While the house cat has not had to hunt for survival since 2,000 B.C., its stealth and skill are more often displayed for an approving glance from their owner, than to capture a good meal. The artists in our collections have created images of these many beautiful animals, in the settings and habitats that so exemplify the lives of the many feline species found throughout the world. Large and small, these lithe creatures that come alive in our wide selection of feline art, will certainly bring a graceful beauty to your home.

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