Richard Bollinger

Richard Bollinger - Revival

A Limited Edition Print
by artist Richard Bollinger

© 2001    27" x 15"
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CHESTER COUNTY, PENNSYLVANIA -Just a mile from my home is this wonderful scene. I encounter it almost every day traveling to and from wherever it is I'm bound. But, I must confess, I don't really pay much attention to it - except during those dramatic seasonal changes. Spring is one of those spectacular times. I love the contrast of colors. The fresh pinks and whites set against rich evergreen announce the arrival of spring. New sprouts of bright yellow-green appear on branches that, for months, seemed lifeless. It is truly an amazing time of year.

The dictionary defines "revival" as the act of bringing back to life or consciousness. Year after year. season after season, this ever changing landscape announces "new life" to countless numbers of travelers who pass by. Travelers, like myself, who might never notice this tranquil place were it not for the master stroke of the divine artist who opens our eyes and our hearts with his beautiful creation. His reviving touch not only causes us to see life more clearly, it allows us to live it in all its fullness. My hope is that "Revival" will cause you to think deeply as the earth comes alive with color and new life. Hopefully it will inspire you to reflect on the things that matter. -Richard Bollinger

"Revival" is the springtime scene of Richard Bollinger's "Along the Way"
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