Richard Bollinger
Inside Story

Inside Story by Richard Bollinger

 Inside Story
A Limited Edition Print
by artist Richard Bollinger
© 1996      30¾" x 21½"

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The three story grist mill sits quietly, waiting for the spring rains to start the growth of winter wheat, and the rising surge in the stream to power the mill. Few passersby realize how different this little mill is. The water wheel, driven by the strong flow of the mill race, is inside the mill. The unique design was popular in the southern states and Appalachian mountains, but was almost never seen here. Years from now, history buffs will speculate that itinerate craftsmen unfamiliar with local practices built the handsome mill in the late 1700's.

The unusual design fits the mill's earliest owners. In 1757, William Trimble, Sr., an Irish Quaker, married Phoebe Ashbridge Thomas, widow of Richard Thomas. In the years to come, Trimble's three sons, John, William Jr., and Joseph each married their Thomas step-sisters, Lydia, Grace, and Hannah.

This quiet, contemplative reproduction of the original watercolor by artist Richard Bollinger, represents not only a time past, but a piece of history that remains in the preserved Trimble mill.

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