Richard Bollinger
Homestead Eve

Homestead Eve

 Homestead Eve
A Limited Edition Print
by artist Richard Bollinger

© 1996      33" x 18½"
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CHESTER COUNTY, PA 1885 - Dinner is nearly ready. The animals are snug in the barn. The kitchen is warm from the woodstove and filled with the smell of biscuits and country gravy. Soon the spring will come and time for quiet dinners will be gone, but for now the warmth of the kitchen means extra time for coffee and being together. Time for talking of things besides the heat and the rain and the market in town.

A winter eve at the homestead then was a special time... a time before places to go and the demands of things that plug in. It was a time to enjoy the work of your hands around an old wooden dinner table. To talk of memories and the beauty of a yet-unseen Springtime. To dream of days to come.

Richard Bollinger's paintings often tell a story beyond the artist's brush and image. They help us to see beauty in all of life....

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