Richard Bollinger
Old Buck School

Old Buck School

Old Buck School
A Limited Edition Print
by artist Richard Bollinger

© 1994       16½" x 10"

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SPRING, 1888 - Off in the distance, children straggle through fresh-plowed fields. The first sounds of laughter drift in like a warm breeze. Soon children will fill the schoolyard. Running. Playing. Enjoying the sun and the first days of Spring.

For nearly a century, the old Buck School has welcomed generations of farm children. First to a building of logs and mud, now to one of stone and wood. Even here in the heart of the Brandywine Valley, there is progress. A generation grows up and moves away. Another takes its place. The Buck School still stands as a landmark and a quiet reminder of mornings past. Even the old oak waits for the children to return.

Old Buck School was Richard Bollinger's fifty-third limited edition watercolor reproduction. His work has become nationally known and loved for the careful preservation of the early days of rural America.

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