Richard Bollinger
Along the Way

Along the Way by Richard Bollinger

 Along the Way
A Limited Edition Print
by artist Richard Bollinger

© 1998      32" x 20½"

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Sometimes the journey is more important than the destination....

CHESTER COUNTY, PENNSYLVANIA - Are there places you pass every day but barely see? Places with stories about the people who worked so hard to build them? Places where families and generations were born .... and where they later passed away into history?

For Richard Bollinger, this quiet stone farmhouse nestled by a pond is one such place. Each day he drives by and watches the light change, the reflections on the pond redrawn with the passing of the sun. And he wonders what memories this gentle place holds.

Richard Bollinger is one of Chester County's most respected watorcolorists, an outstanding tribute for an artist whose work hangs alongside world-renowned Brandywine artists.

"Along the Way" is the winter scene of the Richard Bollinger print "Revival"
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