Charles Wysocki
Max in the Adirondacks

Max in the Adirondacks

Max in the Adirondacks
A Limited edition cat print by
Charles Wysocki
edition size: 6500 signed and numbered on paper
Image size: 21 5/8 x 18   overall size: 24 5/8 x 21 1/2
Released in September 1997


Max is our largest cat weighing in at 26 pounds. As most cats, he eats and sleeps a lot. It seems his favorite meal is Sea Captain's Choice, so, I thought he would fit neatly into this fishing shack hideaway.

As with the other cat paintings, this shows a rather messy environment. This fisherman obviously likes messy, giving us an insight into his personality, where for one thing, he sees no reason to make it unmessy!

I wanted to depict Max, the fisherman, and his wife as pals; hence the snapshot. The gentleman angler may hare stepped out for a second from his fly-tying hobby, leaving the radio on and his pipe smoking as Max keeps comfortable and snoozy with the warmth of the radio, clutching his mouse decoy.

On close scrutiny, you will find a few other little stories throughout the painting concerning, of course, Big Max. Collecting the research for all this old fishing memorabilia was half the fun of building this painting.  -Charles Wysocki

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