Frederick the Literate
Charles Wysocki

Frederick the Literate

Frederick the Literate
A Limited edition cat print by
Charles Wysocki
Edition size: 6500 signed and numbered on paper
Image size: 21 5/8 x 18   overall size: 23 x 21 1/2
Released in 1992 Issue Price: $150

Prior to Charles Wysocki's death, Frederick the Literate selling for $3500-$4000.
We normally do not have this print in stock unless someone consigns one to be sold.

This is how it read in 1992...

Want to know how to catnap with a smile? How to smell a rat? Everything you wanted to know about the Killer Sparrow of Ipswitch but were afraid to ask? It's all here and more in Frederick the Literate, Charles Wysocki's wonderful new print for all cat and book lovers.

These are any cat's dream books, from "Field Guide to the Garbage Can" to "A Tale of Two Kitties." And don't miss the authors, who include such international best selling catty writers as Thomas Cheshire and Kitty Mewpur.

Some fine art prints really need no introduction. Frederick the Literate is one of them. All you need do is look, read the first book's title, and off you go. "It's a technique I used years ago to get people to look at the entire painting," Charles Wysocki explains. "I would put signs in the window of a shop or on a wagon, and the curiosity of people would come into play. Naturally they wanted to read what was on the signs. Before you know it, you've got them hooked into your painting!"

But the joys of Charles Wysocki's most witty work yet will be readily apparent to anyone who loves a great book, a beloved pet, or a good joke. "As soon as my wife, Liz, and I came up with the idea for this painting, we knew we had to do it," Wysocki says. "We're all very dedicated and serious about our artwork, but there's always time for humor. Liz and I spent breakfasts, lunches, and dinners thinking about the book titles." After all the years doing more subtle "story" humor, as in the recent Beauty and the Beast, Wysocki says: "All my more obvious puns were piling up. They had to come out!" It's all in homage to a very special feline. "We're both cat lovers, Wysocki says. "We have seven. But the painting is dedicated to the real Frederick, who was one of our favorite cats, if not the favorite. But now he's in that library in the sky. So this print is dedicated to him."

Happily, Frederick is now immortal, in that special place where cats dream of fish, field mice, and a world where the feline comes first.

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